Create stories, games and animations.

Scratch is a high-level block-based visual programming language aimed primarily at children as an educational tool for programming, with a target audience of ages 6 to 16.

Our Scratch Coding Programmes

6 - 7 years old

* per course: RM1600

8 - 9 year old

* per course: RM1600

9 - 10 year old

* per course: RM1800

11 - 12 year old

* per course: RM2000

13 - 14 year old

* per course: RM2500

15 - 16 year old

* per course: RM2500


Why Scratch Coding?

As a basic programming language, block-based coding enables children to gain a conceptual understanding of how coding works while creating cool animations, stories, or games, among other things.

Flexible study options

* In-person, online, evening and weekend courses also available.


* per course / level: monthly payment is available.


Get evidence of what you've learned.

Our Certificate of Achievement provides a detailed transcript of what you've learned. Above all, it is awarded by Scratch Foundation and moderated by MIT Media Lab & Adobe Inc.